at-design: Industrial Design since 1999

at-design was founded in 1999. The company, which is based in Fürth (Bavaria) near Nuremberg, has since won multiple international awards for its Product Design.

Before setting up the company, both managing directors worked as Industrial Designers in the fields of capital goods and medical engineering. at-design now also serves international clients in the e-mobility and consumer sectors.

Reliability and a strong sense of responsibility both within the company and in developing products with the client remain the strongest characteristics of at-design to this day.

Product Design is seen as an integral element in the development of products. at-design places particular emphasis on the level of innovation and the feasibility of Industrial Design concepts in the industrial manufacturing process.

Brand-defining traits

Logic, clarity and precision characterise the Industrial Design at at-design. at-design develops product identities that correspond to the individual requirements of the customer or the product respectively. The Industrial Design of at-design stands out due to its longevity and is an important aspect of its brand differentiation.



Holistic design solutions

Industrial Design is not only a visible, physical product identity, but can also offer economic, ecological and societal solutions. The following aspects define the company’s attitude:

Modern and future-oriented Product Design places people at the centre of the design.

Cost-efficient, economical product development through “design to cost”  in Industrial Design is part of day-to-day business.

The sustainable development and use of industrial products can bring new meaning  to the term “Industrial Design”. Above all, they give Industrial Design  long-lasting and high moral value.



In addition to specialist knowledge in their field of activity in the company, Industrial Designers at at-design also have expertise and practical experience from other design sectors. This range of backgrounds in Product Design, with expertise ranging from bathrooms to cars, combined with the portfolio at at-design, facilitates well-thought-out and contemporary Product Designs.

Products are outlined, visualised and created at at-design using methods ranging from freehand sketches and renderings to CAD files to photorealistic renderings and models.

at-design offers space for individuality. The team is made up of Industrial Designers with different persuasions. They are united in the shared design premises of logic, clarity and precision. Enthusiasm for Industrial Design and a lively team spirit binds them together.

Together they pursue “naturalness” and “lightness” in Industrial Design, which does not rule out striving for perfection and which is compatible with methods of industrial manufacturing.

CEO / BA. Industrialdesigner

Janine Tomczak

CEO / Dipl. Product Designer

Christoph Tomczak

Senior / Dipl. Product Designer

Tobias Reese

BA. Product Designer

Chiho Yoon


at-design develops inspiring Industrial Designs based on client requirements or even on the basis of its own research.

The demands of the product and the aim of the Industrial Design are discussed with the client at the beginning of the project. Initial ideas and suggestions can be exchanged in workshops with the client through research and in brainstorming sessions before the ideation stage.

The client interacts with one team leader who acts as the point of contact for the entire course of the project.  Simple channels of communication result in target-oriented, effective product development in Industrial Design.

The range of Industrial Design services offered is defined in project phases. They can be applied to any number of an at-design client’s product development scenarios. This means the client’s needs and Industrial Design can be synchronised in the development process.


Stages of development for a Design Study

ID Creative Phase
+ Studies

ID Refinement Phase
+ Elaboration of the studies


Stages of development for a production-oriented design

ID Conceptual Phase
+ Creation of industrial design drafts (based on specifications)

ID Detailing Phase
+ Elaboration of the drafts (based on specifications)

ID Realisation Phase
+ Realisation support through to production of the tool

Preliminary design draft
+ CAD files (NX, SolidWorks, Pro/ENGINEER)
+ Suggested solutions for functioning, segmentation of housing, materials, manufacturing technique and arrangement of functional components

Elaboration of design
+ CAD files (NX, SolidWorks, Pro/ENGINEER)
+ Based on specifications
+ Based on the approved Industrial Design
+ Refinement of the design draft

Detailed design
+ CAD files (NX, SolidWorks, Pro/ENGINEER)
+ Further detailing leading to readiness for series production
+ Provision of 3D files for production of parts and creation of
tools or appliances

+ CAD files (NX, SolidWorks, Pro/ENGINEER)
+ Creation of production documents such as drawings of individual parts
and components

Construction of models / sample production
+ Construction of design models
+ Production of functional models
+ Prototyping


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