Industrial Design Study “Mining”

Dump truck

Conventional dump trucks look very complex. The reason for this is a purpose-driven design that is influenced by factors such as operational safety, efficiency, on-site assembly requirements and the impact of extremely adverse working environments.

Industrial Design
So what would a suitable design concept look like? The at-design design study for dump trucks offers a solution. The goal was a study incorporating practical considerations. We wanted to reduce the complexity in form. The “core element” in the design, the space frame, ensures a clear architecture. The entry area, service area and deck are thus integrated into our comprehensive solution.

Concept Study „aerial+DC“

Public freight transport via electrical power lines

Germany’s energy transformation (“Energiewende”) is due to be completed by 2050. As part of this, 3800 km of new power lines are to be installed. The masts could reach heights of 70m and have a ground plan of up to 64 m². At the same time, the volume of goods haulage on German roads continues to grow. Predictions suggest the amount of road freight will almost double by 2050.

In the study conducted by at-design, the ropeway concept does not require its own mast architecture. By using the planned power lines, it would be possible to transport goods by ropeway over long distances (up to 800 km). This would enable road freight and CO² emissions to be reduced.

Industrial Design Study „Seacart“

Fun sport, fitness

The aim of the design was to break away from the conventional product language of the pedal boat and support the special feature of the technical conception through the Industrial Design.

Industrial Design
Based on a similar design to a catamaran, at-design conceived a self-contained, specific product language.

Industrial Design Study „Airport“

Aircraft tractor

On the one hand, aircraft tractors a very sensibly designed vehicles – the manufacturing process and cost orientation are key factors in designing them. Conversely, they are used in an extremely modern environment, surrounded by the latest architecture and transport technology.

Industrial Design
The aim of the study was to use an existing chassis to find a stereotypical product language for aircraft tractors. It would be compatible with common manufacturing processes but be capable of better technical integration into the extremely progressive and technically advanced surroundings of an airport.

Industrial Design Study „Urban Mobility“

Urban ropeway

Ropeways are a mode of transport for the future. Special requirements of the cabin arise in urban contexts. This includes an effective use of interior space with regard to the number of passengers and its use for transporting goods.

Industrial Design
The aim of the design study conducted by at-design was to design a new exterior and interior concept that would meet the requirements of using the space for multiple functions and create a unique product language.

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