ARTIS pheno / robotic angiography system

Field of application:
The innovative, robot-based angiography system ARTIS pheno is used in minimally invasive surgery, interventional radiology and interventional cardiology.

Industrial Design:
The aim of the Industrial Design of at-design was to give the robot system attributes such as sensitivity and intelligibility. A perfect symbiosis between design requirements, usability / hygiene requirements and Industrial Design has been achieved through design-logical relations, implemented by bionically influenced edges and surfaces as well as to a minimum reduced surface edges and housing separations.

Special Feature:
The ARTIS pheno robotic system allows a maximum of flexibility in the limited operating room. The collision protection is achieved by means of sensory cover parts as well as the smallest possible, ergonomically designed casing parts. Maximum hygienic requirements are achieved by an antibacterial coating of the cover parts and by the design concept of at-design, which minimizes housing separations and edges and uses calculated spanned surfaces on the cover parts.