Concept study transportation of cargo "aerial+DC"

Field of application:
Public freight traffic via power lines.

Conceptual Design:
The energy transition is supposed to be completed in Germany by 2020. 3800km of new routes are planned (see fig.1). The mast architecture will have a height of up to 70m and a floor plan of up to 64m². At the same time, the volume of freight traffic on the roads in Germany rises steadily. By 2050 nearly a doubling of freight traffic on roads is expected.

The idea of the concept study of at-design is to use the proposed architecture of the power poles to convey a part of the future freight traffic on ropeway technology (see fig.2). A possible route could be the north-south route from Wilster to Grafenrheinfeld with its 750km.Within this range loading and unloading stations would be planned at logistically reasonable places (see fig.3).The gondola could carry 6-7 tons payload and would have a cargo space of L: 7.80m approx. / W: approx. 1.30m / H: 2.80m approx. (see fig.4).

The planned power lines can therefore receive an additional benefit in terms of economy and ecology.

Special feature:
In the study of at-design the ropeway concept requires no particular mast architecture. The planned power lines also allow ropeway transport loads over long distances (up to 800km).