Airplane-tug AIRPORT

Industrial Design:
Aim of the study was to find a stereotypical product language for aircraft tugs which corresponds to the current manufacturing processes, but integrates more formally into the very progressive high-tech environment of an airport.

Based on the idea of amplifying the usual 3-partition of an aircraft tug, a simple and intelligent Industrial Design was implemented that is quintessentially for at-design. This provides potential solutions for the following technical requirements:

- By rotation of the cockpit, the axisymmetric pulpit allows the view to the rear.
- The form can be transferred to various vehicle sizes (modular components).
- Body parts can be removed easily.
- Weight reduction due to the use of perforated metals.
- Generous ventilation areas are relocated beneath surface-mounted perforated metal bodies.
- Better detection of the vehicle on the airfield by a clear, distinct Industrial Design.

The formally reduced product language of the study AIRPORT illustrates and integrates robustness, strength and safety of the vehicle.