Power excavator study A-SERIES

Field of application:
"A-SERIES" is a vehicle study of a conventional crawler excavator based on standardized parts as wheels and arms, that combines functional complexity with aesthetic simplicity.

Industrial Design:
The design is characterized by plain objectiveness. Ample surfaces and modest but sharp color schemes underline the minimalist appearance. The mainly black base body is surrounded by a ribbon like an inner core. The lights are placed in an immerged duct and protected by an alveolar lattice, which consists of a translucent surface with a grid structure, generating conspicuous lighting. The duct is running diagonally and merging in gill-like exhaust ducts. The tilted front and rear surfaces of the extrusion-like ribbon visualize the dynamic movement and power of the vehicle.

Special feature:
The structured separation into two volumes enables the rear of the excavator to be driven in and out as a counterweight. The cockpit allows an adjustment to the working conditions by tilting and turning. It is visually separated like an insect head and so constitutes the central element.